Merry Christmas from Punch Manufacturing!

Sure social media has been all the rage for a few years now, but what about the next big thing? We're pretty sure we've invented it: Anti-social marketing. We've discovered the best way to market yourself is to quietly, persistently get your name out in the middle of the night — when no one is looking and where few people will see it. And what better way than to spray paint your name on an alley wall?

Frankly, there is no better way.

To prove our point, we are offering a limited-edition anti-social marketing kit. All we ask in return is that you run to your nearest alley and tag it with our logo.
Everything you need is in the kit, except paint and an alley.*

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Undeniable charts

  • Key Demographic

    People who take shortcuts through alleys

  • Logo Placement

    Greatly impacts visibility and results

  • Paint Color

    Vital for the most compelling outcome

  • Alley Referrals

    Increased in direct proportion to tagging volume

Unimaginable results.

Anti-social Outcomes

Thank you for your support this past year, we truly appreciate your business and friendship. We hope to work with you in 2014 on upcoming projects, anti-social or otherwise!


© Punch MFG. *Please note Punch does not endorse vandalism of any kind. Please get approval from dumpster, alley or car owner before tagging.